The DDRAddIntegerArray function, in Configuration Manager, adds an integer array property to the data discovery record (DDR).

HRESULT DDRAddIntegerArray();



Name of the class property.

Array of integers assigned to the property.

Characteristics of the property, such as identifying this property as a key field for comparisons. Enter the following flag or a zero.

Flag Description

ADDPROP_KEY (Hexadecimal 8)

Identifies this property as a key field during a comparison of this DDR with class instances in the database. If an instance in the database matches the data of the DDR key properties, the instance is updated; otherwise, a new instance is created.

Return Values

If the function succeeds, the return value is S_OK.

If the DDRNew function has not been called, the return value is S_FALSE.


Runtime Requirements



For more information, see Configuration Manager Server Runtime Requirements.

Development Requirements

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