The Import Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class method, in Configuration Manager, overwrites any matching records of program-compliance data in the database. It also returns the number of records that were imported.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and defines the method.

UInt32 Import(
	 String ComplianceData, 
	 String SourceFilter, 
	 String TypeFilter,
	 Boolean ReportErrors,
	 UInt32 TotalRecordsProcessed



Data type: StringQualifiers: [in]Tab-delimited compliance data. The data is passed as a null-terminated string. Each record terminates with a carriage return and line feed character.

Data type: StringQualifiers: [in, optional]Source filter used by the method to import only those records that match the source value, limiting them to a single data source.

Data type: StringQualifiers: [in, optional]If a compliance type, such as "Year 2000", is set in TypeFilter,the method imports only those records matching the compliance Type property.

Data type: BooleanQualifiers: [in, optional]true, by default, if the import process stops on the first error and performs a rollback on the database, that is, removes all inserted and updated compliance data. If this parameter is set to false, the import process continues when errors occur.

Data type: UInt32Qualifiers: [out]Total number of records imported, valid or invalid.


The filter process is case-insensitive. Do not include either filter (SourceFilter or TypeFilter) if you want to import all the compliance data.

Return Values

A UInt32 data type that indicates the number of valid records imported.

The method sets the ErrorCode property of SMS_ExtendedStatus Server WMI Class to 0x40441218 (E_INT_READ_LINE | R_FIELDNO) when the method is unable to process a record in the file. The ObjectInfo property identifies the record number (excluding blank lines) that is in error. The CauseInfo property contains a number representing the field in the record that caused the error. The field numbers start from zero.


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