The PostponeProgramsToNonBusinessHours WMI class method, in Configuration Manager, schedules legacy software distribution programs to run in the next available user defined service window.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and defines the method.

uint32 PostponeProgramsToNonBusinessHours(
	 [IN]  CCM_Program CCMPrograms[],
	 [IN]  Boolean RebootImmediatelyAfterInstall


CCMPrograms []

Data type: CCM_ProgramQualifiers: [in]Array of software distribution programs to be postponed.

Data type: BooleanQualifiers: [in]true if the computer restarts immediately after the installation, otherwise, false.

Return Values

A UInt32 data type that is 0 to indicate success or nonzero to indicate failure.

For information about handling returned errors, see About Configuration Manager Errors.



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