The SMS_EULAContent Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class is an SMS Provider server class, in System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager, that provides information about optional configuration item content associated with Microsoft Software License Terms.

The following syntax is simplified from Managed Object Format (MOF) code and includes all inherited properties.

Class SMS_EULAContent : SMS_BaseClass
	UInt32 EULAContentID;
	String EULAContentUniqueID;
	String EULAText;
	String SourceSite;


The SMS_EULAContent class does not define any methods.



Data type: UInt32Access type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [key, read]The unique ID of license terms content. This ID is unique only for the site.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [unique]The unique ID of the license terms content. This ID is unique across sites.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read/WriteQualifiers: [lazy]Content of the license terms.

Data type: StringAccess type: Read-onlyQualifiers: [read, SizeLimit("3")]The site code of the site where the license terms originate. The code string can have a maximum of three characters. For more information, see the UpdateSource_ID property in SMS_CIUpdateSources Server WMI Class.


Class qualifiers for this class include:

  • Secured

For more information about both the class qualifiers and the property qualifiers included in the Properties section, see Configuration Manager Class and Property Qualifiers.

This class is applicable to all types of configuration items, not just software updates. For a discussion of configuration item types, see the CIType_ID property of SMS_ConfigurationItemBaseClass Server WMI Class.

Your application should use this class only if the EulaExists property is set to true in the specified configuration item. This property is defined in the SMS_ConfigurationItemBaseClass Server WMI Class.

To use this class, the application creates an SMS_EULAContent object and sets the properties as required for the software update.


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