Use the information in this topic to help you manage configuration baselines in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

For information about how to create configuration baselines, see How to Create Configuration Baselines for Compliance Settings in Configuration Manager.

To manage configuration baselines

  • In the Assets and Compliance workspace, expand Compliance Settings, select Configuration Baselines, select the configuration baseline to manage, and then select a management task.

Use the following table for more information about the management tasks that might require some information before you select them.

Management task Details More information

Show Members

Displays all of the configuration items that are referenced by the configuration baseline.

No additional information.

Schedule Summarization

Configures the schedule by which the data shown in the Configuration Baselines node in the Configuration Manager console is updated with the latest information from the site database.

No additional information.

Run Summarization

Summarization causes the data in the Configuration Baselines node to be refreshed with the latest data from the site database. This action might take several minutes to complete. You might have to click Refresh before you can see the latest data in the console.

No additional information.

View XML Definition

Displays the XML definition file for the selected configuration baseline in a new window. This information can be useful when you want to author configuration data manually.

No additional information.


Enables a configuration baseline for compliance monitoring.

No additional information.


Disables a configuration baseline so it is no longer evaluated for compliance on client computers. Configuration baselines that reference this configuration baseline will also be disabled.

No additional information.


Exports a configuration baseline in a cabinet (.cab) file format, providing that it was created at that site. You can then import it to the same or a different System Center 2012 Configuration Manager site. Configuration data is converted to DCM Digest.

For information about how to import configuration data, see How to Import Configuration Data in Configuration Manager.

No additional information.


Creates a copy of the selected configuration baseline with a name that you specify. The new configuration baseline does not retain any relationship to the original configuration baseline.

No additional information.


Opens the Delete Configuration Baseline dialog box where you can review any references to this configuration baseline.

You must remove all references to a configuration baseline before you can delete the configuration baseline.

No additional information.


Opens the Deploy Configuration Baseline dialog box where you can deploy one or more configuration baselines to devices in your hierarchy.

How to Deploy Configuration Baselines in Configuration Manager

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