When a supported source hierarchy no longer contains data that you want to migrate to your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager destination hierarchy, you can complete the process of migration. Completing migration includes the following general steps:

Use the following sections to help you plan to complete migration from a source hierarchy by stopping data gathering, and then cleaning up migration data:

Plan to Stop Gathering Data

Before you complete migration and clean up migration data, you must stop gathering data from each source site in the source hierarchy. To stop gathering data from each source site, you must perform the Stop Gathering Data command on the bottom tier source sites, and then repeat the process at each parent site. The top-level site of the source hierarchy must be the last site on which you stop gathering data. You must stop data gathering at each child site before performing this command on a parent site. Typically, you only stop gathering data when you are ready to complete the migration process.

After you stop gathering data from a source site, shared distribution points from that site are no longer available as content locations for clients in the destination hierarchy. Therefore, ensure that any migrated content that the clients require remains available by using one of the following options:

  • Distribute the content to a distribution point in the source hierarchy.

  • Upgrade shared Configuration Manager 2007 distribution points or reassign System Center 2012 Configuration Manager distribution points to be distribution points in the destination hierarchy.

After you stop gathering data from each source site in the source hierarchy, you can clean up migration data. Until you clean up migration data, each migration job that has run or that is scheduled to run remains accessible in the Configuration Manager console.

For more information about source sites and data gathering, see Planning a Source Hierarchy Strategy in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

Plan to Clean Up Migration Data

The last step to complete migration is to clean up migration data. You can use the Clean Up Migration Data command after you have stopped gathering data for each source site. This optional action removes data about the current source hierarchy from the database of the destination hierarchy.

When you clean up migration data, most data about the migration is removed from the database of the destination hierarchy. However, details about migrated objects are retained. With these details, you can use the Migration workspace to reconfigure the source hierarchy that contains the data that was migrated to either resume migration, or to review the objects and site ownership of the objects that migrated.

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