You can configure software metering in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to automatically generate disabled software metering rules from recent usage inventory data held in the site database. You can configure this inventory data so that only for applications that are used on a specified percentage of computers metering rules are created. You can also specify the maximum number of automatically generated software metering rules allowed on the site.

By default, software metering rules that are automatically created are disabled. Before you can begin to collect usage data from these rules, you must enable them.

The following procedure provides the necessary steps to configure automatic software metering rule generation.

To configure automatic software metering rule generation

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, click Assets and Compliance.

  2. In the Assets and Compliance workspace, click Software Metering, and then, in the Home tab, in the Settings group, click Software Metering Properties.

  3. In the Software Metering Properties dialog box, configure the following:

    • Data retention (in days) - Specifies the amount of time that data generated by software metering rules are kept in the site database. The default value is 90 days.

    • Enable the option Automatically create disabled metering rules from recent usage inventory data.

    • Specify the percentage of computers in the hierarchy that must use a program before a software metering rule is automatically created - The default value is 10 percent.

    • Specify the number of software metering rules that must be exceeded in the hierarchy before the automatic creation of rules is disabled - The default value is 100 rules.

  4. Click OK to close the Software Metering Properties dialog box.

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