Power management in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager enables you to apply power plans that are supplied with Configuration Manager to collections of computers in your hierarchy, or to create your own custom power plans. Use the procedure in this topic to apply a built-in or custom power plan to computers.

You can only apply Configuration Manager power plans to device collections.

If a computer is a member of multiple collections, each applying different power plans, then the following actions will be taken:

Use the Computers with Multiple Power Plans report to display all computers that have multiple power plans applied to them. This can help you discover computers that have power conflicts. For more information about power management reports, see How to Monitor and Plan for Power Management in Configuration Manager.

Power settings configured by using Windows Group Policy will override settings configured by Configuration Manager power management.

Use the following procedure to create and apply a Configuration Manager power plan.

To create and apply a power plan

Available Power Management Plan Settings

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