In Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, you can monitor the deployment of all software, including software updates, compliance settings, applications, task sequences, and packages and programs. You can monitor deployments by using the Monitoring workspace in the Configuration Manager console or by using reports.

Applications in Configuration Manager support state-based monitoring, which allows you to track the last application deployment state for users and devices. These state messages display information about individual devices. For example, if an application is deployed to a collection of users, you can view the compliance state of the deployment and the deployment purpose in the Configuration Manager console.

An application deployment state has one of the following compliance states:

You can view additional information for each compliance state, which includes subcategories within the compliance state and the number of users and devices in this category. For example, the Error compliance state includes the following subcategories:

When more than one compliance state applies for an application deployment, you can see the aggregate state that represents the lowest compliance. For example:

The deployment state for package and program deployments is not aggregated.

Use these subcategories to help you to quickly identify any important issues with an application deployment. You can also view additional information about the devices that fall into a particular subcategory of a compliance state.

Application management in Configuration Manager includes a number of built-in reports that allow you to monitor information about applications and deployments. These reports have the report category of Software Distribution – Application Monitoring.

For more information about how to configure reporting in Configuration Manager, see Reporting in Configuration Manager.

To monitor the state of an application in the Configuration Manager console

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