You manage all client settings in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager from the Client Settings node in the Administration workspace of the Configuration Manager console. Modify the default settings when you want to configure settings for all users and devices in the hierarchy that do not have any custom settings applied. If you want to apply different settings to just some users or devices, create custom settings and deploy these to collections.

You can also use configuration items to manage clients to assess, track, and remediate the configuration compliance of devices. For more information, see Compliance Settings in Configuration Manager.

Use one of the following procedures to configure client settings:

How to Configure the Default Client Settings

Use the following procedure to configure the default client settings for all clients in the hierarchy.

To configure the default client settings

How to Create and Deploy Custom Client Settings

Use the following procedure to configure and deploy custom settings for a selected collection of users or devices. When you deploy these custom settings, they override the default client settings.

Before you begin this procedure, ensure that you have a collection that contains the users or devices that require these custom client settings.

To configure and deploy custom client settings

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