Use the following information to help you monitor and plan for power management in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.

How to Use Reports for Power Management

Power management in Configuration Manager includes several reports to help you analyze power consumption and computer power settings in your organization. The reports can also be used to help you troubleshoot problems.

Before you can use the power management reports, you must configure reporting for your hierarchy. For more information about reporting in Configuration Manager, see Reporting in Configuration Manager.

  • Power management information used by daily reports is retained in the Configuration Manager site database for 31 days.

  • Power management information used by monthly reports is retained in the Configuration Manager site database for 13 months.

When you run reports during the monitoring and planning and compliance phases of power management, save or export the results from any reports for which you want to retain the data for later comparison in case they are later removed by Configuration Manager.

List of Power Management Reports

The following lists details the power management reports that are available in Configuration Manager.

Power management reports display the number of physical computers and the number of virtual computers in a selected collection. However, only power management information from physical computers is displayed in power management reports.

Computer Activity Report

Computer Activity by Computer Report

Computer Activity Details Report

Computer Details Report

Computer Not Reporting Details Report

Computers Excluded

The Computers Excluded report displays a list of computers in a specified collection that have been excluded from Configuration Manager power management.

Use the following parameters to configure this report.

Required Report Parameters

The following parameters must be specified to run this report.

Parameter Name Description


From the drop-down list, select a collection for this report.


From the drop-down list, select the reason why the computers were excluded from power management. You can select from the following:

  • All – Display all excluded computers.

  • Excluded by administrator – Display only computers that were excluded by an administrative user.

  • Excluded by user – Display only computers that were excluded by a user of Software Center.

Hidden Report Parameters

This report has no hidden parameters that you can set.

Report Links

This report contains links to the following report which provides further information about the selected item.

Report Name Details

Power Computer Details

Click a computer name to see the power capabilities, power settings, and applied power plans for the selected computer.

For more information, see Computer Details Report in this topic.

Computers with Multiple Power Plans

Energy Consumption Report

Energy Consumption by Day Report

Energy Cost Report

Energy Cost by Day Report

Environmental Impact Report

Environmental Impact by Day Report

Insomnia Computer Details Report

Insomnia Report

Power Capabilities Report

Power Settings Report

Power Settings Details Report

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