In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, global conditions are rules that represent business or technical conditions that you can use to specify how an application is provided and deployed to client devices. You can create global conditions from the Global Conditions node of the Configuration Manager console or from within the Create Deployment Type Wizard. Global conditions are accessed from the Requirements page of the Create Deployment Type Wizard.

You can only edit global conditions from the site where they were created.

Use the following procedures to create Configuration Manager global conditions.

Provide Basic Information about the Global Condition

Several different types of global conditions are available. Different options are associated with the different global condition types. When you select a specific global condition type, Configuration Manager displays the options that apply to your selection.

To provide basic information about the global condition

Configure Rules for the Global Condition

The procedure for defining the global condition rules is different depending on whether you are configuring a setting or an expression. Use the applicable procedure here to configure a setting or an expression for the global condition.

To configure a setting for the global condition

To configure an expression for the global condition

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