You can create a hidden file named Skpswi.dat and place it in the root of a client hard drive to exclude it from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager software inventory. You can also place this file in the root of any folder structure you want to exclude from software inventory. This procedure can be used to disable software inventory on a single workstation or server client, such as a large file server.

Software inventory will not inventory the client drive again unless this file is deleted from the drive on the client computer.

To exclude folders from software inventory

  1. Using Notepad.exe, create an empty file named Skpswi.dat.

  2. Right click the Skpswi.dat file and click Properties. In the file properties for the Skpswi.dat file, select the Hidden attribute.

  3. Place the Skpswi.dat file at the root of each client hard drive or folder structure that you want to exclude from software inventory.

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