This topic identifies recommended hardware configurations for System Center 2012 Configuration Manager site system servers, clients, and the Configuration Manager console. Use these recommendations as guidelines when you plan to scale your Configuration Manager environment to support more than a very basic deployment of sites, site systems, and clients.

Use the information in this topic as a guide for the hardware to use when you run Configuration Manager at scale. For information about supported configurations for Configuration Manager, see Supported Configurations for Configuration Manager.

These recommendations are not intended to cover each possible site and hierarchy configuration. Instead, use this information as a guide to help you plan for hardware that can meet the processing loads for clients and sites that use the available Configuration Manager features with the default configurations.

Configuration Manager Site Systems

This section identifies recommended hardware configurations for Configuration Manager site systems. In general, the key factors that limit performance of the overall system include the following, in order:

  1. Disk I/O performance

  2. Available memory

  3. CPU

For best performance, use RAID 10 configurations for all data drives and 1Gbps Ethernet network connectivity between site system servers, including the database server.

Site Servers

Disk Space Configurations

Remote Site System Servers

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