Use the following procedures to configure the status system for Configuration Manager.

All major System Center 2012 Configuration Manager components generate status messages. The Configuration Manager status system operates without configuration by using default settings that are suitable for most environments. However, you can configure the following:

The status system maintains separate configurations for each site so you must edit the status system for each site.

Use the following sections to configure the Configuration Manager status system:

Configure Status Summarizers

Use the following procedures to edit the status summarizers at each site.

To configure status summarizers

Configure Status Filter Rules

Use the following procedures to create new status filter rules, modify the priority of rules, disable or enable rules, and delete unused rules at each site.

To create a status filter rule

To modify or delete a status filter rule

Configure Status Reporting

You can use the following procedure to modify how status messages are reported to the Configuration Manager status system. You can configure both server and client component reporting, and specify where status messages are sent.

Because the default reporting settings are appropriate for most environments, change them with caution. When you increase the level of status reporting by choosing to report all status details you can increase the amount of status messages to be processed which increases the processing load on the Configuration Manager site. If you decrease the level of status reporting you might limit the usefulness of the status summarizers.

To configure status reporting

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