Inventory views contain hardware and software inventory information about the clients, files, products, and so forth in the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy. Configuration Manager collects inventory data when you enable the Hardware Inventory Client Agent or Software Inventory Client Agent. Because you can configure which hardware inventory to collect during the hardware inventory scan cycle and which file types to scan for during the software inventory scan cycle, each site will have a unique set of inventory that is collected.

For each Configuration Manager site, it is possible to retrieve a list of the hardware and software inventory schema to determine exactly what is inventoried. The topics in this section provide examples of how to do this for hardware and software inventory, as well as detailed information about the typical Configuration Manager SQL views.

In This Section

Hardware Inventory Views

Provides information about available views for computer hardware scanned on Configuration Manager 2007 client computers.
Software Inventory Views

Provides information about available views for files and products that are found on Configuration Manager clients during software inventory scanning.

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