System Center 2012 - Orchestrator Integration Toolkit Topics

  • Command Line Activity Wizard

    The Command-Line Activity Wizard (CLI Wizard) enables you to encapsulate commands, arguments and parameters into a Microsoft .NET assembly. This assembly can be used by the Invoke .NET Activity to run these commands as new activities, or you can package this assembly into an Integration Pack using the Integration Pack Wizard.

  • Integration Pack Wizard

    The Integration Pack Wizard enables you to quickly build your own Orchestrator Integration Packs from existing assemblies. These assemblies are created using the Command-Line Activity Wizard or by compiling custom code written to the Orchestrator SDK.

  • Orchestrator SDK

    The Orchestrator SDK enables you to build your own custom Orchestrator activities. The SDK allows a wide array of integration possibilities. Once you create your custom activities, you can package them into an Integration Pack using the Integration Pack Wizard.

  • System Center Integration Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework Activities

    The Integration Toolkit contains an Integration Pack that has two activities: Invoke .NET and Monitor .NET. These activities are used for testing assemblies created using the Integration Toolkit Command-Line Wizard (Invoke .NET) or from custom activities written to the Orchestrator SDK (Invoke .NET or Monitor .NET).

  • Integration Packs

    Integration Packs are created using the Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard. Integration Packs generally contain a set of functionality focused on a specific target area, such as a third-party product, a technology, or even a process-specific set of tasks.

  • Migrating from Opalis and Quick Integration Toolkit (QIK)

    Custom activities and Integration Packs created for Opalis Integration Server versions are not compatible with Orchestrator. Migrating your existing activities and Integration Packs will allow you to continue to use them in Orchestrator.

For further information, see System Center 2012 - Orchestrator Integration Toolkit.