By default, a standard installation of Orchestrator includes a set of standard activities. When you pair these standard activities with activities from the integration packs, you can create very powerful and rich workflows that can automate complex tasks and processes.

For detailed reference information for the standard activities, see the Standard Activities topic in the System Center 2012 - Orchestrator online library.

Standard activities are organized into categories to help you find the appropriate activity for the task that you want to perform. The categories for standard activities are:

Standard activity category Description


Runs system commands such as running a program.


Performs schedule-based activities.


Reacts to system-level events.

File management

Manages file interaction such as copying and moving files.


Supports sending email notifications.


Supports other notification types such as Syslog files and pop-up notifications.


Supports working and manipulating data within a workflow.

Text file management

Manipulates text files.

Runbook control

Manages how runbook logic behaves.