For additional help, please refer to the on-line documentation for System Center 2012 - Orchestrator.

In Orchestrator, multiple users can be authorized to create and update runbooks. However, only one user at a time is allowed to make changes to a runbook. This protects your work from being overwritten by someone else with the same permission level.

To edit a runbook, you must check it out. Another user cannot edit that runbook until you either commit all changes by checking the runbook in or revert all changes by undoing the checkout.

Using Check In and Check Out

  • Check Out: When a user is editing a runbook, the runbook is checked out and cannot be edited by anyone else. If someone else is already editing the runbook, a pop-up window opens informing you that someone is already editing the runbook.

  • Check In: When a user editing the runbook performs a check-in operation, all changes that were made are committed, and other users can then edit the runbook after they check it out. Check-in comments describe the changes that have been made.

  • Undo Check Out: When a user editing the runbook performs an undo check out operation, all changes that were made are reverted after the runbook was checked out. After the undo check out operation is completed, another user can edit the runbook.

Audit Log

When a runbook has been changed and is checked in by a user, an entry appears in the Audit History log.

When a runbook has been altered to a state where it is no longer functioning, you can select the Audit History tab at the bottom of the Runbook Designer to see the changes that were made and then reverse them.

To view runbook change details

  1. From the Runbook Designer, select the Audit History tab at the bottom, double-click the entry item to open the Details dialog box.

  2. From the Name column, click each item in the list to view the changes that were made.

  3. When you select an item, the Action type will display beneath the Activities box. For example, Action: Modified or Action: Added. When you select the Action: Modified type, the Attribute, Old Value, and New Value will be listed in the bottom text box.