Management Pack Spell Checker is designed to help management pack authors find and fix spelling errors in their management packs. Because management packs contain text that is directly embedded into an XML file, standard spell checking tools cannot be used to check for spelling errors in a management pack. This tool checks for spelling errors specifically in textual elements that will be displayed in the Operations console, and provides an easy-to-use interface for reviewing spelling errors, fixing spelling errors, and creating exclusion lists (lists of words to consider as being part of the dictionary, which will be not be flagged as misspellings when you run MP Spell Checker again).

Running MP Spell Checker

MP Spell Checker is an option on the Tools menu in the Authoring console.

During an initial run of MP Spell Checker, management pack authors often find that there are many terms in their management pack that are not words found in a dictionary, such as technical terms. To ensure that these words do not show in every run of MP Spell Checker, you can create an “exclusion list”. The exclusion list consists of words that should be excluded from future runs of the MP Spell Checker; essentially, the exclusion list is similar to an addendum to the dictionary.

Scanning of non-English management packs (French, Italian, German) is only supported on Windows server operating systems of Windows Server 2008 or later, and Windows client operating systems of Windows Vista or later.
To use MP Spell Checker
  1. While a management pack is loaded into the Authoring console, click Tools, and click MP Spell Checker. This opens the MP Spell Checker window.

  2. Click Run Spell Check.

  3. In the MP Spell Checker results, you can add words to the exclusion list and resolve spelling errors.

To add words to the exclusion list
  1. In the MP Spell Checker window, click the Add Words to Exclusion List tab. A list of misspelled words from your management pack displays.

  2. Select words that are correctly spelled to add these words to the exclusion list. Valid misspellings should not be selected. To automatically select (or clear the selection of) all words, press CTRL+A to select all misspellings, and press the spacebar to change their state between selected and cleared.

  3. Click Save Exclusion List. You will be asked to provide a filename, and your exclusion list will be saved as an XML file.

  4. Rescan your management pack, which will now be scanned against the exclusions list as well as the dictionary.

To resolve spelling errors
  1. In the MP Spell Checker window, click the Fix Misspelled Words tab. All spelling errors are displayed in the top pane.

  2. Click an error in the top pane to see the context in which the misspelling has occurred in the bottom pane. The misspelled word in shown underlined in red.

  3. To correct a misspelled word, delete the word in the bottom pane and type the correctly spelled word, or right-click the misspelled word in the bottom pane and select from suggested corrections.

    You can copy from the bottom pane and paste into the bottom pane.


Error: After an exclusion list is created and saved and the management pack is scanned for spelling errors, no errors are shown.

Solution: The exclusion list may have been created to include all words found to be violations. The exclusion list file will have to be deleted. After it is deleted, create a new exclusion list, being sure to review the words found to be misspellings, and ensuring that only false positives are checked off.
Error: Not all management pack elements are analyzed by the tool.

Solution: Keep in mind that this tool only checks those elements that are found in the Language Pack section of the management pack, as display text is contained in this section.
Error: Not all content in the Language Pack section is being analyzed

Solution: This tool only checks content that is defined in MAML format, which is the standard format used when adding content through the Authoring console. If any display elements are implemented in the management pack as HTML, these will not be analyzed by the tool.