Custom Audit

The Custom Audit namespace is used to manipulate records before they are moved to the audit log database. It adds transaction log SQL statements to be executed against the database.

The Custom Audit namespace implements the following procedures:

Procedure Description
Audit Adds SQL statements to the transaction log for execution against the audit log.

To successfully execute Custom Audit namespace, the computer's Active Directory user account, MPFServiceAcct, must have access permissions for any tables and stored procedures that might be affected by the SQL commands.

Custom Audit namespace acts only on data previously marked for auditing. If the audit log database does not contain the expected data, it is possible for a provider to return data successfully but to not yield the desired results. You can use Provisioning Manager to modify the audit level of each procedure.


For more information about configuring the audit level, see To change the audit level for provisioning engines.

The Microsoft Provisioning Framework Software Development Kit (SDK) contains additional resources to help you implement the Custom Audit namespace. For more information on the SDK and how to use it, see Microsoft Provisioning Framework SDK.