Configuration database

The configuration database for Microsoft Provisioning Framework (MPF) contains the following three categories of data:

This SQL database can be maintained using either Configuration Database Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Provider or Provisioning Manager. Configuration database changes are immediately propagated to the other servers in an MPF installation. When you use Provisioning Manager to implement changes, MPF calls Configuration Database WMI Provider to publish the update. Configuration Database WMI Provider notifies every remote server of the change. Each server then implements the change, immediately updating its cache. If a server is down, the change takes effect when that server is operational again.

The system configuration and security policies in effect govern access to the configuration database. By default, anonymous users cannot access the database. For domain deployments, domain users have Execute permissions for a subset of the stored procedures.


For more information, see Administering the configuration database and Change the configuration database to which Microsoft Provisioning Framework connects.