This program could not start

The operating system could not start this program. This may happen if:

Your computer is on a network.

If a system administrator controls your computer, you should ask the administrator why you cannot start the program. Your administrator might have removed the program or set a policy that prevents you from starting it.

You need to re-install the program file.

The program file may have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. If you know the name of the file that is missing, you can copy the compressed version from the product installation compact disc to your hard drive, and then restore it by doing the following:

  1. Insert the installation compact disc.
  2. Click Browse the CD.
  3. In the folder list, findthe name of the missing file.

    Note The last letter in the file name extension will be replaced by an underscore because it is a compressed version of the file. For example, my_file_name.exe is called my_file_name.ex_ on the product compact disc.

  4. Copy the compressed file to the appropriate folder on your hard drive.
  5. Click Start, click Run, and then type:
    expand my_file_name.ex_ my_file_name.exe
    and then press ENTER.