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PowerShell Import Template Parameters

The following table contains a list of the parameters used by the cmdlet. It includes those specific to loading import templates. For a description of Pow­erShell general parameters that have been implemented, see parameters whose type is “PowerShell” in the table of Parameters used by the cmdlet. Parameters can also be placed into a separate source, such as a csv file, that can be piped into the cmdlet. Some examples of using import parameters are provided in PowerShell sample calls.





-   LiteralPath


(Mandatory) The full path from the root direc­tory to the source template definition file, including the file name.

-   Name


(Optional) The name to use when creating a new template, or to search for when updating an existing template. If the name is not sup­plied, the file name will be used instead.

-   OnErrorAction


(Optional) The action to take if the import pro­cess encounters an error. The values that are understood include Abort and Skip. If an invalid value is used, or if a value is not pro­vided, the cmdlet uses the default value of Abort.

Note: This does not override or in any way relate to the PowerShell default parameter -ErrorAction.