Importing SQL Server data

The Data Management Pack can import data through a query to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Prerequisites for a SQL Server import

The prerequisites for importing data from a Microsoft SQL Server database are as follows:

   Supports Microsoft SQL Server, 2003 or higher. 

   Know the name of your SQL Server Database. While the wizard returns a list of SQL servers on your network, it may not find every server.

   The management pack uses Windows authentication for the database con­nection. It does not connect with the credentials you used to log into the Service Manager console. Instead it connects with the credentials you used to log into the computer (either the management server or your local computer if you are using the remote console). Your Windows account must have permission to execute queries against the database.


There are no restrictions on the type of query that you can exe­cute on a database. All queries are passed to the server untouched, even those that include delete actions.