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Configuring map properties

Your source content can be mapped to all, some or even none of the proper­ties from a destination object. You may choose not to map any property when updating objects, or when creating relationships between objects.

To configure the properties on the Mapping page:

  1. Go to the Mapping page. All the properties of the class you chose on the General page are displayed in the Destination column.

  2. For each property in the Destination column, choose an Action (see Fig­ure). The Action identifies how to map the source to the destination. All of the actions for mapping are described in Property types and actions for them.

  3. mapping_columns.jpg


  4. In the Source column, select an item or enter a value based on the Action chosen in step 2.

  5. If you are updating existing records, proceed to the Criteria page, other­wise click OK to complete the configuration of the object or relationship.


When importing hardware assets, the Asset Name field on the asset form is entitled “Display Name” on the Mapping page.