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To import data from a csv file:

  1. Go to the Data Management workspace > Import view.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Import CSV File. The Import Wizard opens.

  3. Choose a Template Definition. Even if you do not wish to create a new template, you can choose not to save the template at the end of the wiz­ard.

  4. Select an Error Handling option to determine whether the wizard should proceed or not when it encounters an error.

  5. Click Next. The Select File page opens.

  6. Click Browse to find the file to import.

  7. Click Next. The Source Preview page opens. The preview lets you deter­mine whether the source file and its layout are as expected. Click Previ­ous if you need to select another file.

  8. Click Next to begin mapping the data to an object and its properties.

  9. Continue with Creating and configuring objects.