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Getting started

Data Management is a data import management pack for Microsoft System Center 2012 - Service Manager. Use its wizards to migrate data from other systems or sources into Service Manager, and control how the data gets cre­ated. Your data can be converted and imported into the Configuration Man­agement Database (CMDB) as objects, such as configuration items (CIs). Depending on your criteria, the management pack may either update existing objects with new data, or create new objects. If the source data contains relationships, then they are maintained within the new objects. Any related objects can also be created as part of the import. For example, the creation of a hardware asset with a company as the supplier of the asset results in a hardware asset being created as well as a relationship to the supplier. If the source contains enough data about the supplier, then it could also be cre­ated.

A data map is used to define the objects and properties that are updated or created and how they relate to your source data. It can also be used to change the data during the import. If the object has a Status property, and the source data has incorrect or missing values for status, then you could replace status with a default value. 

It is also possible to export data and then reimport the data after it has been modified. For example, you may export software licenses, add upgrade infor­mation to them, then reimport those licenses. Use the Export Data wizard, provided with the IT Asset Management Pack, to create a csv file of the licenses. Add upgrade information to the file, then use the Data Management Import wizard to reimport the licenses.


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