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Creating and publishing a request offering

A request offering can be created from either a hardware asset or a software title. When you create a request offering it has a status of draft. If you have a request offering with the same name, a suffix is added to the new request as a means of differentiating them.

  1. Select a hardware catalog item, a software title or a version.

  2. Click Create Request Offering.

  3. Go to the Library workspace and open Service Catalog > Request Offerings > Draft Request Offerings.

  4. Review the request offering. You may wish to add an image, a description of the offering on the self-service portal, add or remove prompts for users, etc.

  5. Click Publish.

  6. Review and publish the service offering that was created with it as well. Unpublished service offerings are located in the Service Offerings > Draft Service Offerings view.