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Building service and request offerings for a portal

The IT Asset Management Pack lets you contribute to an existing self-service portal. You can add both service offerings and request offerings to your por­tal.The IT Asset Management Pack allows you to create both hardware and software service and request offerings. The request offering task creates the service offering automatically if it does not already exist.

A service offering is a logical group of request offerings, e.g., such as Access and Security might contain request offerings for network access as well as specific application access. A Communication Devices service offering might contain a request offering for ordering a Blackberry Bold 9780. Within the IT Asset Management Pack, you can create a request offering for a hardware asset, a software title and a software version.

Templates are provided for both service offerings and request offerings. You cannot modify these templates, but you can create a copy of the template and modify it. If you do create your own template, ensure that you select the template when you create a new request offering.


Manual activities arising from these requests include: