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Mapping usage data to software versions

Installed data gathered by the management pack is based upon software items and their versions, while usage rules identify executables. Each usage or metering rule therefore needs to be associated with one or more versions. The versions can come from multiple software titles as well. For instance, if you wish to associate both Visual Studio Professional and Visio Studio Ulti­mate Editions with the same executable, then you could map them both (and their versions) to the same rule. Mapping a metering rule to a version indi­cates that whenever the executable has “usage” associated with it, then the version or versions of the software are considered to have been used. Only when rules are mapped can you see software usage data on reports and views.

Use the Software Metering Rules - Mapped and Unmapped views to organize the rules that come from Configuration Manager and map them to software versions. The rules that appear in these views are dependent on the items you chose to include when you set up the connector to Configuration Man­ager. Both views are found under Software Asset Management > Software Catalog > Software Catalog Maintenance.

The Software Metering Rules - Unmapped view only displays those soft­ware metering rules that have not yet been mapped to a software version in the catalog. The Software Metering Rules - Mapped view only displays those software metering rules that have been mapped to one or more soft­ware versions in the catalog. Either view can be used to map versions to rules, but if you have not mapped any rules before, start with the Unmapped view.

Certain links must be in place before you can see usage data in views and reports. For more details, see Important considerations.

To map rules to versions:

  1. Go to the Software Asset Management > Software Catalog > Software Cat­alog Maintenance > Software Metering Rules - Unmapped view.

  2. Select a rule based on the product that you wish to obtain usage on.

  3. In the Tasks pane click Properties. The Metering Rule Properties form opens.

  4. In the Mapped Software Versions section, click Add. The Select Software Versions form opens.

  5. Determine which software titles and versions you wish to map to this rule (to the executable shown on the form) and click Add to include them.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Click OK to close and save the Metering Rule Properties.

The metering rule automatically moves to the Software Metering Rules - Mapped view.