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Marking a hardware asset for review 

You can place an alert on a hardware asset indicating that it should be reviewed. A hardware asset could be marked for review because it was added to the management pack by an automated process or because it is eligible for replacement. The Alert flag shows up on the right-hand side of an asset form as a tab entitled Alerts. The Alerts tab is only visible when there is an alert on the asset; the tab disappears when the last alert is deleted.

The only type of alert supported is the manual Mark for Review. Review notes can be added to the Alerts tab as the review progresses. Review notes can be removed when they are no longer applicable. All hardware assets with alerts are grouped together in the Hardware Assets with Alerts view.

Alerts are not tracked in the data warehouse; nor is any history kept on an alert once it has been deleted.

To mark a hardware asset for review:

  1.    Go to the IT Asset Management Pack workspace and expand Hardware Asset Management > Hardware Assets > All Hardware Assets.

  2.    Select a hardware asset.

  3.    In the Tasks pane, click Mark for Review. The Mark for Review dialog opens.

  4.    Enter Notes for the reviewer. Notes will appear on the Alerts tab, with a time and date stamp.

  5.    Click OK to add the notes and mark the asset for review.