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Installing an asset

An install task is performed when a hardware asset is delivered to the person receiving it and deployed at that person’s location. When you install an asset, specify the following: the person the asset is assigned to, the location and the cost center. You can install multiple assets at the same time.

PREREQUISITE: The asset must have a status of received, stored or retired in order to be installed.


You cannot install an asset if the status is disposed, ordered, requested, returned, shipped or installed. If the asset is already installed, use the move task instead.

To install an asset:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management Pack workspace and expand Hardware Asset Management > Hardware Assets > All Hardware Assets.

  2. Select the asset or assets to install and in the Tasks pane click Install. The Install form opens.

  3. Complete the fields on the form.

  4. Click OK to complete the install. The status of the asset is set to installed and the new information is reflected in the hardware asset item.