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Moving an asset

A move is performed on an installed asset that is changing its location. It may be moving to another building, office or to storage. You can move multi­ple assets at the same time.

PREREQUISITE: The asset must have a status of installed, received, retired or stored to be moved.


An asset cannot be moved if it has a status of disposed, ordered, requested, returned or shipped.

To move an asset:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management Pack workspace and expand Hardware Asset Management > Hardware Assets > All Hardware Assets.

  2. Select the asset or assets to move and in the Tasks pane click Move. The Move form opens.

  3. Complete the organizational and financial information on the form.

  4. Select a status from the Set Life Cycle Status To field to change the sta­tus of the asset.

  5. Select whether or not you wish to move all child assets.

  6. Click OK to complete the move.