Working with parent-child relationships

Parent-child relationships are used to connect related assets together. These relationships can be used when relating a computer and its peripherals, the assets in a lab, or even assets that are assigned to a specific user. In the event the parent asset changes, for example when a user receives a new PC, all child assets can be quickly reassigned to a new parent. Change activities, such as install, move, swap, retire, return and dispose may have parent-child implications. The IT Asset Management Pack enables you to set up a relation­ship so that when a change occurs, the relationship can be transferred or kept as necessary.

Relationships can be modified at any time, such as when new assets are added or when assets are no longer related to the parent or child. For more details on how parent or child relationships are handled during a specific task, such as a swap, please see the specific task in this guide.

Key points to remember