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Hardware catalog item

A hardware catalog item provides standardized manufacturer, model, refresh cycle, and supplier information for your hardware assets. A hardware catalog item is directly linked to one or more hardware assets. For example, a com­pany has made a bulk purchase of ThinkPads, Model XYZ. This is a standard purchase for the company. A hardware catalog item containing additional information related to the make and model (ThinkPad Model XYZ) of the lap top, as well as a link to manufacturer and preferred supplier, is created prior to a hardware asset. Hardware assets are then created, perhaps through a bulk import of your purchase data, and the links to their hardware catalog items are manually established from the hardware assets. For more details about creating a link, see Creating a single hardware asset.

A refresh cycle is important when trying to limit exposure to an event, such as warranty expiration. For example, a three year refresh cycle for a Lenovo ThinkPad T510 laptops means that those laptops, based on model, that were first in, based on received date, will be first out.

A hardware catalog item also provides an image and a cost that can be asso­ciated with a service catalog request offering.