Creating a hardware catalog

A hardware catalog provides a refresh cycle as well as standardized manufac­turer, model and preferred supplier information for your organization. For example, many hardware assets often have the same manufacturer and model number, such as Lenovo T500. Having standardized manufacturer, model and supplier information helps when conducting refresh programs and determining investment by manufacturer. The creation of a complete hard­ware catalog is the first step to managing your hardware assets using the IT Asset Management Pack.

Creating a hardware catalog item

Every hardware asset has a corresponding hardware catalog item. The cata­log item should exist before the asset is created, as it provides additional details about the hardware asset. A hardware catalog item contains general information, links to related items in the Service Manager CMDB and a history of changes made to the item.

To manually create a hardware catalog item:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management Pack workspace and expand Hardware Asset Management > Hardware Catalog.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Create Hardware Catalog Item.

  3. Complete the fields on the General tab and click OK to create the catalog item.

Note: Both an Image and a Cost are required if you wish to generate a service catalog request offering.