Contract reports

There are two contract reports:

Contract summary report

The purpose of the Contract Summary report is to understand, for planning and negotiating purposes, which contracts are coming up for renewal and which contracts have terminated. The report is organized into sections, one for each type of contract included in it. Colored icons in the first column indi­cate the expiry status according to preset thresholds, see Understanding contract expiration indicators. The thresholds are set by default in the Administration workspace > Settings > Contract Administration Settings, but they can be modified temporarily through the report parame­ters.


The report can be filtered by the following:


If the Expired Threshold and the Close to Expired Threshold overlap, the report considers the Expired Threshold first and anything outside of it as part of the Close to Expired threshold. For example, if the Expired Threshold is 2 days, then contracts whose Expiration Date falls in the next 2 days are considered expired. If the Close to Expired Threshold is 365, then any contract falling between 2 and 365 days is considered close to being expired.

Report Contents

The report has the following information for most types of contracts:

Contract detail report

The Contract Detail report summarizes the details of an agreement that is associated with the contract. It shows the details of one agreement at a time. The report includes many of the fields that can be found on the agreement’s form. The Contract Detail report can be drilled into from the Contract Sum­mary report or run directly from the Tasks area.

Report Parameters

The report can be filtered by the agreement that is related to the contract.

Report Contents

The report contains the following information about the agreement: