Software license reconciliation report

The Software License Reconciliation report compares the number of software licenses for a title, against what is installed and what is assigned. Using the Estimated Unit Cost field on a software title, the report calculates a cost for reconciling what is installed and what is assigned to what is licensed. A red, negative value indicates that the title is either over licensed or under assigned.


If your software title data contains multiple currencies, the report converts them to a base currency using an exchange rate. If the exchange rate is not changed, a default of 1 is used. For more details on the settings for exchange rate, see Global administration settings.


Use the parameters section at the top of the report to filter the report by the software title and the publisher. It is recommended that you select one or the other, because selecting both means both values must be satisfied before a match is found.

Report Contents

The report has the following contents for each software title:

Click on any software title value to open the Software License Distribution report.