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Creating software licenses

A software license represents the purchase of a software SKU. After you cre­ate or update software titles, you may record your software license pur­chases.

The most important parameters of a software license are the serial and license numbers, the SKU and the license agreement. The SKU indicates what you purchased and is used to associate the license with a software title. For more details see Creating a software SKU.


If you have imported your software licenses using a batch process, and the SKUs were automatically created with them, you need to link the SKUs with the soft­ware titles. To link a SKU with a software title, go to the All SKUs Missing Information view, open each SKU and complete the Software Title field.

To create a software license:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management workspace and expand Software Asset Management > Software Licenses > All Software Licenses view.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Create Software License. The New Software License form opens.

  3. Complete the fields on the General tab.

  4. Click OK to create the software license.