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Before you begin managing software assets

The following table and figure contain a summary of how to prepare your data so you can perform software asset management. Ensure that you have created hardware assets first, and linked them to CIs, see Before you begin managing hardware assets.





1. Create a software catalog

The software catalog links information about installed software (provided by Configuration Manager) to your list of software titles (what you are managing). You will need to map the data discovered by Configuration Manager to the soft­ware catalog. See the Unmapped Software Items view for a list of items that were discov­ered and which may need to be added to the cat­alog.

2. Create software licenses and SKUs

Software licenses represent your software pur­chases. Each license includes a serial number, a license number, a SKU, as well as a software agreement.

A SKU may be created at the same time as you create a software license or an existing SKU may be used. You may also create a license from a SKU.

3. Create the soft­ware agreements

Optional. As part of creating a software license an agreement can also be created. An agreement is associated with a particular license.

Preparing for software asset management