Software title

A software title is a software application you can manage with the IT Asset Management Pack. A software title has one or more versions included in it. Each version can be linked to one or more software items that were discov­ered by System Center Configuration Manager. A software item represents a single discoverable version of a software application, so linking several soft­ware items into one software title helps simplify software asset management. This link can be established while creating the software title.

Example of software versions

The software items MS Office Enterprise and MS Office Enter­prise can both be related to a single software title called Office Enterprise, whose version is 2007. You can easily manage multiple versions together by relating them in this manner. The Software Item to Title Mapping view shows the relationships you have created between software items and software titles through the versions. It is also possible to see the hardware assets related to each version, see Viewing the assets related to an item.

When you have related several software items to a version, then those items are considered as one install, should they appear together on the same win­dows computer CI. In the previous example, if both items and are installed on a computer, MS Office Enterprise version 2007 would only show 1 install against it. This behavior permits administrators to map language packs within the software version, if the same license needs to be under the same version.

Software Title and its Relationships shows the key attributes of a software title, their relationship to one another and to other items in the CMDB.