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Allocating software licenses

Software licenses can be allocated to a cost center, an organization or a loca­tion. Use allocation to manage your licenses and ensure that each entity uses no more than its allocated licenses. For instance, the Marketing department may have purchased five licenses for a graphics software title. The Publica­tions department may have purchased three. You can allocate the appropri­ate number of licenses to the Marketing department and to the Publications department. It is up to you to enforce the allocation of licenses to each department.

Allocating a software license has no affect on the Licensing Status calculation (see Identifying over and under licensing issues). The Alloca­tions tab on a particular software title shows the exact amount of licenses allocated and to whom. Allocation is a means of tracking who should have which software licenses. Allocated licenses can be compared against installed licenses, in reports and views, to determine which departments are exceed­ing their allocation.

To allocate a software license:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management workspace and expand Software Asset Management > Software Catalog > Software Titles Tracked by Installation view or Software Titles Tracked by Assignment view.

  2. Double click a software title. The Software Title form opens.

  3. Click the Allocations tab.

  4. Select the Type of allocation you prefer: By Cost Center, By Organization or By Location.

  5. NOTES:

    You cannot select more than one type of allocation per software title.

    If you change the allocation type, you will lose any historical allocation data from the previous type.

  6. Click Add to choose an allocation. The Add Software Title Allocation form opens.

  7. Click Add to select a new allocation (organization, cost center or location).

  8. Enter the number of licenses as a Quantity for the allocation.

  9. Click OK to save the allocation.

  10. Add more allocations as necessary.

  11. Click OK to complete the allocation and save the software title.