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Creating a software title

A software title is the primary software asset that is tracked and managed. It may be created independently from discovered software items, as described here. It also may be created from the Unmapped Software Items view. During asset creation, enter as much information about the software title itself, including the publisher, the status, approval status, the version, the SKU, the assignment and the allocation.

To create a software title:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management Pack workspace and expand Software Asset Management > Software Catalog > Software Titles Tracked by Installation view.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Create Software Title. The New Software Title form opens.

  3. Complete the fields on the General tab. Take note of the following guide­lines:

  4. Status: Change the status of a title to Inactive if you only have partial data in place for it. Licensing Status is not calculated for an inactive title, which therefore reduces overall processing of licensing as well as false negatives (red or under licensed status). Even though they are not included in the calculation, inactive titles can still be seen in the Software Title views. Both the install count and the license count are updated accordingly.

    Estimated Unit Cost: Enter the cost of the software title, including all versions and SKUs associated with it. The estimated cost will be used on the Software Reconciliation report to calculate the cost of reconciling the installed copies versus the available licenses.

    Discovered Software Item Count: The total number of software items discovered by the connector to System Center Configuration Manager. This count includes all of the installed versions associated with the hardware asset. Compare the installed software with the licensed software to obtain a complete picture of the title’s licensing situation.

    Software Versions: Add software versions encompassed by the title through the addition of software items. Including versions on a software title is critical to accurately calculating your licensing status. For more information about the licensing status values shown for each version, see Interpreting licensing values on a title. Licensing status is only shown in this table when you are tracking the licensing status by installations.

    Track licensing status by Installations or Assignments: Choose how your licensing status is tracked. When it is tracked by installations, the licensing status is based on licenses versus installations. When it is tracked by assignments, the licensing status is based on licenses versus assignments. The two options are mutually exclusive. When you select by assignment, the software title is moved to the Software Titles Tracked by Assignment view when saved. For more details, see About assignment of software.

  5. In the Tasks pane, click Add SKU. The SKU form opens. Adding a SKU to the title is important for calculating licensing status. For more details about creating a SKU, see Creating a software SKU.

  6. Click OK to create and save the software title.