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Creating a software SKU

Software SKUs are related to software titles and provide additional informa­tion regarding the type of license, the path for downgrade and upgrade ver­sions, pricing, quantity of licenses purchased, and product usage rights.

If you are planning on using product usage rights, which currently extend to language and region, you need to configure them first. Product usage rights are considered Lists and are configured from the Library workspace. For more details about configuring them, see Configuration of lists.

To create a software SKU:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management workspace and expand Software Asset Management > Software Catalog > Software Titles Tracked by Installation view or Software Titles Tracked by Assignment view.

  2. Select a software title.

  3. Go to the Tasks pane and click Add SKU. The New SKU form opens.

  4. Complete the fields on the General tab. Guidelines for completing some of the fields on the form are as follows:

  5. Software Version:


    This is an upgrade license:  

    License Quantity:

    Licensing Program: 

  6. (Optional) Complete the Product Usage Rights tab. The lists on this page may need to be configured with values first, see Configuration of lists.

  7. Add versions to the Downgrade & Upgrade tab. The tab captures the ver­sion management path, which is used to determine your license entitle­ment. For more details, see How software licensing status is calculated.

  8. Click OK to save the new SKU.

  9. Return to the Software Titles Tracked by Installation view or the Software Titles Tracked by Assignment view and double click on the software title you selected in step 2.

  10. Click the SKU tab and observe that the SKU information is now available for the software title.