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Creating a software license agreement

A software license agreement provides terms and conditions that describe how a software title can be used. The IT Asset Management Pack lets you store key information about a software license agreement so that you can keep track of the software you purchase under each agreement.

A license agreement can be linked to a software license. You first create a software license, then apply an agreement to it. To see the licenses applied to an agreement, click the View Related Software Licenses task.

A software agreement can be created from the Software License form or from the All Software License Agreements view.

To create a license agreement:

  1. Go to the IT Asset Management workspace and expand Contract Manage­ment > Software License Agreements > All Software License Agreements view.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Create Software License Agreement. The New Software License Agreement form opens.

  3. Complete the fields on the General tab. Take note of the following guide­line:

  4. Program:

  5. Click OK to save the agreement.