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Linking incidents and hardware assets

A hardware asset item in the IT Asset Management Pack can be linked to an incident through the CI. The asset item provides additional information about the asset, such as ownership, location, as well as warranty, lease, support and other related contractual information. In addition, an incident can be cre­ated directly from an asset item in the IT Asset Management Pack. When a   hardware asset and computer CI are linked, then the Incident’s related items shows both the hardware asset and computer CI.

Furthermore, a hardware asset can see all incidents opened related to it, or to any computer CI it is related to. Incidents related to a hardware asset are found on the asset’s Related Items tab, under Work items affecting this configuration item. CIs related to the hardware can see all related inci­dents under their Related Items tab as well. You must enable the Hardware Workflow Setting that permits this to happen on the Hardware Administration Settings wizard. For more details, see Hardware workflow setting.

To link a hardware asset to an incident:

  1. Go to the Work Items workspace, expand Incident Management and select an appropriate Incident view.

  2. Find the incident using a view or a filter and open it.

  3. Go to the Affected Items section and click Add to add an affected CI. Select the appropriate CI from the available list of computers and click OK to save the relationship.

  4. In the Task pane click View Affected Hardware Asset to view the asso­ciated asset item.


If you receive the message “No items found”, this indicates the asset item and the CI are not linked together. For details on how CIs and asset items are linked, see Creating and editing a hardware asset.