Shared interface for Service Manager and Provance

The Service Manager console and the Provance IT Asset Management Pack integrated into it share a common interface. The main items of the interface are as follows:

Navigation pane

The left-hand area of the interface is called the navigation pane. The naviga­tion pane is used to move between the following items:

Task pane

The right-hand area of the interface is called the Tasks pane. It is used to perform tasks associated with the item selected in the View pane. It is also used to launch help associated with the selected item or folder. The tasks are context sensitive, i.e., they change depending on the type of item selected, as well as the number of items selected in the View pane.

Depending on your network’s speed, the Tasks pane may take a few seconds to refresh. Before you apply a task to one or more items in the view, ensure that the last item selected in the view appears at the top of the Tasks pane. The item appearing at the top of the Tasks pane is the item that the task will be applied to.

View pane

A view is a summary of your data, either arranged into a tabular format with columns and rows, or arranged visually showing the parent-child relationship between items. A view can include hardware or software asset management, contractual, financial or organizational data. Select a view in the IT Asset Management Pack workspace to have it appear in the center View pane of the Service Manager console.

Select an item in the View pane (tabular format only), to show a preview of it in the bottom portion of the View pane. The preview contains a summary of the item’s contents. For example, the preview of a software title contains a break down of its licensing status on a version by version basis.

Viewing assets

Views provide different ways of representing your hardware or software assets and important information related to them. Views with columnar data can be sorted, grouped, filtered and their columns changed. Views can also be created and customized to suit your requirements. For more details about creating custom views, refer to the Service Manager online help.

To open an asset management view:

>> In the IT Asset Management Pack workspace, open Hardware Asset Man­agement or Software Asset Management, select a folder and then a view within the folder.