Viewing assets with alerts

The Hardware Assets with Alerts view lists all of the hardware assets that have the Marked for Review alert type. You might mark hardware assets for review when they have just been created and you need to review their details. Because there can be more than one alert on an asset, the view shows you how many alerts there are (Alert Count) and provides a descrip­tion of the first alert added to the asset.


For more information about the Mark for Review alert type, see Marking a hardware asset for review.

Sorting, grouping and filtering views

Removing, adding and reordering columns in a view

All views can be modified to show or hide columns. Some views have optional columns that are hidden by default.

To remove or add columns to a view, right click the column header bar. The column menu appears. To remove a column from the view, deselect it (clear check mark) in the menu. To add a column to the view, select it (add check mark) in the menu.

To reorder columns in the view, click, hold and drag the column heading to a new position.