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Creating a user defined agreement

A user defined agreement allows you to manage a contract that is outside the predefined types of contracts provided with the IT Asset Management Pack. For example, you may have several quotes for disposal from different vendors and you wish to have them visible to everyone who has an interest. Each quote can be created as a separate user defined agreement and associated with the disposal agreement. You can either associate the quotes from the disposal agreement or associate the disposal agreement from each quote.

In addition to other agreements, user defined agreements can be associated with any CI. Only a user defined agreement can be the parent of another user defined agreement. A user defined agreement can have more than one association with other agreement types.

To create a user defined agreement:

  1. Go to the Contract Management > User Defined Agreements view.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click Create User Defined Agreement. The New User Defined Agreement form opens.

  3. Complete all of the fields on the General and Financial tabs.

  4. To associate the agreement with another agreement, complete the Associ­ated Agreements tab.

  5. Click OK to save the agreement.